JCTC Grants

Community Activities Support Grant

Funding for Events, Initiatives, or Program

The funding of this grant can be used toward events that stimulate visitation from local and out of town visitors and it must also support the growth of tourism through either the arts, sports, agricultural education, recreation, or local business. This grant can aid in funding an event, initiative, or program and also the marketing that goes toward promotion.

Application Guidelines

  • The organization applying must be a non-profit.
  • Your organization can only apply once a year per event, initiative, or program.
  • The budget must be submitted with a breakdown of the funding sources.
  • The total sum being requested must not exceed 50% of the total budget JCTC must be recognized as a contributor.
  • Applications must be submitted at least two months before the event, initiative, or program.
  • Applications must also be submitted two weeks before the commission meeting in order to be on that month’s agenda.
  • The last three years of budgets must be submitted in the application (if applicable).
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The Application Process

JCTC is in charge of reviewing the applications and voting upon which ones will be beneficial to increasing tourism within the community. A representative from the organization should be there to answer any questions that the commission may have.

If approved for the funding, then the organization will receive the money for the event, initiative, or program the following month.

After the completion of the event, initiative, or program, a representative will need to submit a report for the tourism commission to review.

    Application for Funding

    Ready to apply? Please use the form below.

    If you need more time to complete the form, use the Save & Continue link at the bottom of the form. You will receive a link to return and complete this form from any computer. Please note the link expires after 30 days.

    You can also download the application in pdf format.

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    Please include a) The date of incorporation, b) History, c) Mission, and d) Program Activities and Services currently being delivered in Jasper County
    Please include a) The name, date, and location of the event, initiative or project, b) Mission of the event, initiative or project, and c) Benefit of the event, mission or project to Jasper County
    Please include a) Overall budget by line item, b) Estimated # of people attending, and c) Budget per person attending
    Please include a) Number of local and out-of-county visitors, b) Impact on area lodging facilities, and c) Effect on other relevant businesses or organizations

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