JCTC Grants

Capital Project Support Grant

Promoting County Economic Development

JCTC will provide grants for projects that will benefit Jasper County by increasing the economic development of the county.

To qualify for the capital projects grant, you must be a not-for-profit organization. The project must also promote visiting. This can be seen through beautification projects, arts-based projects, outdoor recreation, etc., as long as an economic impact can be submitted and described.

Application Guidelines

  • The organization applying for a grant must be a not-for-profit.
  • Your organization must own the land where the project is taking place. Otherwise, approval from the property owner must be secured.
  • The budget must have definitive bids, not just estimates.
  • The total sum being requested must not exceed 50% of the total budget.
  • Project updates must be submitted monthly, along with receipts.
  • Your organization cannot have received the capital projects grant within the last 12 months.
  • The plan must be clear, with outlined goals and timelines.
  • Capital projects must stay under $10,000. If over $10,000, then the application must be brought to the JCEDO board for approval.

Within 60 days of project completion, documentation regarding the expenditure of funds will be submitted, and a representative must come before the Jasper County Tourism Commission with a written evaluation including final budget, final marketing plan, and metrics measuring project success. Failure to submit this information may result in a revocation of funding and/or prohibition of future funding.

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The Application Process

JCTC is in charge of reviewing the applications and voting upon which ones will be the most beneficial to Jasper County and the economic development of the community. A representative from the applicant’s organization will need to be present when the commission is looking over the grant application to answer any outstanding questions. JCTC will vote that day to either:

  • Approve the grant application,
  • Deny the grant application, or
  • Table the topic until the next meeting.


    Application for Funding

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    Please include a) The date of incorporation b) History c) Mission d) Program activities and services currently being delivered in Jasper
    Please provide a timeline
    Is this the first time that you have requested funding for this project? If not, then why was it declined the first time?
    Please include a) An estimated project cost outline b) Explain how JCTC funding will be used c) Provide a list of other financial contributors and funding source
    Please include a) Impact on citizens and tourists b) Impact on area lodging facilities c) Effect on other relevant businesses or organizations

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